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Reliable SEO HostingQuality US & EU Based IP'sHost Unlimited WebsitesProfessional SEO Hosting allowing you to host multiple domains on separate C-Class's to improve SEO. Powered by T35 Hosting.

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What is SEO Hosting? Why do I need it?

It's been a long guarded SEO secret that hosting your domains on unique ip's could result in a huge advantage in terms of search engine rankings. All of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) determine your ranking partially based on the sites that link to you. Webmasters with multiple sites usually linked those sites together to improve their back link counts and increase their rankings. Unfortunately, search engines soon found this out and implemented technology that can determine if your sites are all hosted on the same server (and are thus owned by the same person).

SEO Hosting takes this one step further and allows you to host all your websites from one server/location BUT on different/unique c-class ip's. This makes search engines think that your sites are all unique and different, passing along link juice when linking them together. This can greatly improve your search engine rankings and put you above the competition. Savvy webmasters have begun to build entire SEO networks, hosted over hundreds of ip's, to be able to rank #1 in the major search engines.

How can you too take advantage of this? Check out our SEO Hosting and sign up today! You can instantly begin seeing the SEO results!