Using to have your own Private Dedicated Servers for SEO Hosting

Using to have your own Private Dedicated Servers for SEO Hosting offers a wide range of services for those interested in hosting their domains on a number of unique c-class IP addresses. The importance of multiple c-class IP addresses to SEO is what they present to the search engine spiders. When search engine spiders crawl the web, indexing pages, they also search whether or not domains have similar IP addresses. Linked domains on identical IP addresses will have their link juice severely reduced. This can cause a problem for those with large numbers of domains linking to each other. Multiple c-class IP addresses make the spiders perceive these domains as hosted on separate IP addresses, allowing their link juice to be correctly passed on to their respective website. Purchasing server space from allows one to have access to these multiple c-class IP addresses for as low as $13 a month.

However, there are times when simply buying server space is not enough. For those who own a large number of domains, it is sometimes necessary for them to actually purchase their own dedicated servers. Fortunately, also offers SEO dedicated servers. These servers basically allow you to have your very own SEO server without needing to share resources with other users, ensuring your privacy and granting you total control over the content hosted on your servers.

Within these servers, offers the same services that it offers to clients who are simply purchasing server space for SEO hosting. HostSEO provides clients with multiple c-class IP addresses under a single WHM account for simplicity of use. This is a crucial difference from similar services offered by rival companies such as HostGator. In those cases, the services are offered with multiple WHM accounts for multiple c-class IP addresses. This can cause a lot of confusion amongst customers, with some even forgetting that they own these addresses. A single WHM account easily takes care of this problem and customers no longer lose track of the IP addresses that they’ve paid money for. This is one of the reason why was able to gain thousands of customers within the first month of operation.

In fact, HostSEO reviews have overwhelmingly rated’s services as better than the similar service offered by HostGator with customers claiming that HostSEO’s servers being much faster than those of HostGator. In other places such as, HostSEO has been given a 97% excellent rating while many similar review sites have bestowed similar laurels in their HostSEO reviews.

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