SEO Hosting Infographic

Confused about SEO Hosting? Our team has developed a quick info graphic to explain the benefit of using multiple c-class IP’s and the pitfalls of not using it.

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Google Panda and Penguin’s affect on SEO Hosting

There has been lots of discussion on how Google Panda and Penguin have affected SEO Hosting. Some have mentioned negative impacts, while others seem to be doing better than ever. We found the below article on RankBuilder that gives a great overview and is worth a read for anyone using SEO Hosting. Enjoy!


This is so important in today’s Post Panda Landscape that doing without is like trying to win NASCAR without a gear box in the car. No matter how fast the engine will go, you’re always stuck in first…

If you’ve been following the plot in SEO lately, you may have heard that “link networks are dead”.

This is one of the falsest and most damageable ideas to be circulated bar none!

Link Networks are THE most reliable way to add Authority links to the mix of lower tier links that tools and automation are able to provide.

If you take just one thing away from this presentation, let it be that you need LOTS of links to your sites from LOTS of SOURCES, over time, with the bulk coming from lower tier sites and some from higher PR authority sites. This is a must! There is no substitute…

Now I mentioned before there were big commercial link networks and that Google went after them with an axe and a chainsaw…

I should know, we own one of the 3 biggest ones, called ALN for Authority Link Network…

When the de-indexing started, it hit like a freaking hurricane. One minute things were normal, the next, our precious aged domains of which the network was comprised were falling off the radar at an alarming rate…

A few hundred the first day…

Then a few thousand the next… OUCH!

We scrambled to figure it out and put a stop to the carnage but our valuable properties were being de-indexed faster than we could gasp…

Was there a tell tale foot print we’d forgotten and which Google was using to find and destroy our years worth of work? We looked for it, but it wasn’t that…

“It was WORMS”

Not the kind that slither in your garden after the rain, but the kind that Google sent to slither in our network like spies, to use it to uncover as many sites as possible, following the chain and knocking them down like dominoes…

To make a long story short, we found the worms, kicked them out and salvaged thousands of domains which are now happily providing link juice and ranking domination power for our sites and those of a few select customers we kept on…

And since then, it has been working perfectly, so we learned 3 crucial things:

  • Despite what Google says, they can’t find link networks algorithmically, they have to buy an account like everyone else
  • If you make new clients sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that they can’t share anything they see with Google, this actually prevents them from coming in or making trouble
  • Link networks work really well to get top search engines results and Google would like you to believe otherwise, for fairly obvious purposes…

But there is another reason why Google tried so hard to kill these off and convince users they were inefficient:

Because the links you get from a Good Quality link network are actually the secret sauce that allows all your other links to hit the target right in the bullseye…


Source: Date sourced: 7/11/2012.

Everything you need to know about IPs

I get 5 IPs per C-Class? How many total IPs do I get?

All of our U.S.-based SEO Hosting plans include 5 IPs on every c-class. For example, if you purchase 2 c-classes, you would get the following IPs:

With 2 c-classes, you would get a total of 10 IPs, 5 on each c-class.
With 3 c-classes, you would get a total of 15 IPs…
With 4 c-classes you would get a total of 20 IPs… so on and so forth.


What is a C-Class IP? How do I know if two IPs are on different c-classes?

IPs come in the following format: AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD (ie:
AAA is the A c-lass; BBB is a B c-lass; CCC is a C-Class; and DDD is a D-class.
For example, the 3 below IP’s are all unique c-classes:
Google sees each c-class IP as a different property, thus making unique c-classes very important.

The below three IPs are NOT unique c-classes and are on the same c-class and therefore do not provide any SEO benefit because Google sees this as the same property.


How do I assign C-Class IPs to my domains?

Your welcome email will outline the IP addresses in the IP pool on the server you were assigned to. You will have access to the amount of C-classes that you purchased. For example, if you purchased 10 C-classes, you would have access to the first 10 C-classes in the IP pool.

Once you create your Cpanel accounts in WHM, simply scroll to the bottom menu of WHM and select “IP Manager” under Plugins. This will allow you to select your Cpanel accounts and assigned IPs to them. The IP Manager will automatically only display the IPs that you have access to. If you have any difficulties in assigning IPs, simply open a Helpdesk Ticket and our support team will guide you through the process.

If you want to use custom name servers, you would have to contact your domain name registrar to set up the name servers with them. Once they are set up, just make sure you have the domain pointing to the same IP address as the primary name server (ns1). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to open a Helpdesk Ticket and our support staff will answer any questions you may have.


How do I know which IPs have been assigned to me?

Once your account is created, simply login to WHM and add a Cpanel account. Once your Cpanel account is added, you can click the “IP Manager” at the bottom of the WHM left side menu to see which IPs are available to your account.


How easy is it to upgrade (or downgrade) the amount of C-classes?

You can upgrade or downgrade your C-class plan at any time. The upgrade/downgrade process is completely seamless and instant. Simply login to the billing panel, select your service, and click upgrade. Once you pay the pro-rated upgrade amount, your account will be instantly upgraded and you will instantly receive your additional IPs. You can start assigning those IPs from the WHM IP Manager tool right away.


How do I know which country my IPs are from?

All U.S. SEO Hosting plans are hosted from our Chicago-area data center. For European SEO Hosting, you can use the below link to see the location of your IPs:

For example, a UK IP would come back as:

inetnum: –
netname: NET-GB
descr: United Kingdom
country: GB

Please only use to check the GEO location of your IP. Ripe is the authority that issues all IPs in Europe and is the most accurate source of IP information. It’s also the source Google uses to determine IP locations.


My site doesn’t seem to be loading correctly after I assign the IP?

When you change a site’s IP address, your local DNS cache can sometimes still point to the old location, which will make your site load incorrectly on your computer. This can sometimes yield 404 or 403 error messages, or load a completely different site for you. You can confirm how your site loads from a web proxy or a computer/ISP that hasn’t recently viewed your site. You can also try clearing the DNS cache or waiting for 12-24 hours for your PC/ISP to automatically clear the cache.

Using to have your own Private Dedicated Servers for SEO Hosting

Using to have your own Private Dedicated Servers for SEO Hosting offers a wide range of services for those interested in hosting their domains on a number of unique c-class IP addresses. The importance of multiple c-class IP addresses to SEO is what they present to the search engine spiders. When search engine spiders crawl the web, indexing pages, they also search whether or not domains have similar IP addresses. Linked domains on identical IP addresses will have their link juice severely reduced. This can cause a problem for those with large numbers of domains linking to each other. Multiple c-class IP addresses make the spiders perceive these domains as hosted on separate IP addresses, allowing their link juice to be correctly passed on to their respective website. Purchasing server space from allows one to have access to these multiple c-class IP addresses for as low as $13 a month.

However, there are times when simply buying server space is not enough. For those who own a large number of domains, it is sometimes necessary for them to actually purchase their own dedicated servers. Fortunately, also offers SEO dedicated servers. These servers basically allow you to have your very own SEO server without needing to share resources with other users, ensuring your privacy and granting you total control over the content hosted on your servers.

Within these servers, offers the same services that it offers to clients who are simply purchasing server space for SEO hosting. HostSEO provides clients with multiple c-class IP addresses under a single WHM account for simplicity of use. This is a crucial difference from similar services offered by rival companies such as HostGator. In those cases, the services are offered with multiple WHM accounts for multiple c-class IP addresses. This can cause a lot of confusion amongst customers, with some even forgetting that they own these addresses. A single WHM account easily takes care of this problem and customers no longer lose track of the IP addresses that they’ve paid money for. This is one of the reason why was able to gain thousands of customers within the first month of operation.

In fact, HostSEO reviews have overwhelmingly rated’s services as better than the similar service offered by HostGator with customers claiming that HostSEO’s servers being much faster than those of HostGator. In other places such as, HostSEO has been given a 97% excellent rating while many similar review sites have bestowed similar laurels in their HostSEO reviews.

T35 Hosting Now Offers SEO Hosting Services through New Division

T35 Hosting, along with Backlink Build, has created a new service in the form of, effectively joining the powerful techniques of SEO with the readily accessible services of web hosting, allowing users to establish a dominant presence within the Internet.

The way that works is through providing you with unique class-C IP addresses for your domains. This effectively makes your domains independent from each other, which means your SEO campaigns will be much more effective than if all your domains came from a single class-C IP address. However, HostSEO offers you a single WHM account so you can more easily manage all of your IP addresses. So what does that mean for you? Simple, you get the benefits of multiple class-C IP addresses without the hassle of managing each one individually.

The other great thing about using HostSEO in conjunction to normal web hosting is the amazing price. Our class-C IP address hosting starts at a low $13 per month, with 5 unique IP addresses being delivered on each C-Class server and the ability to host unlimited domains per cPanel.

So you might be asking “Why should I use this service?” The answer is simple: you have the ability to carry out your own SEO campaigns through HostSEO. The most prominent aspect of SEO is link building—the process of one way DoFollow links pointing from other websites to yours. When the search engines send out their spiders to crawl the Internet and index websites, the spiders are trained to check for IP address along with a whole host of other factors. If a spider sees that all of the inbound links from your other domains pointing to your main website are from the same IP address, it is less likely to pass on the link juice from those inbound links. With HostSEO’s services, however, you are able to place all of your domains on separate class-C IP addresses, which means the spiders will treat them as outside web domains, allowing you to link up your websites without losing link juice.

In addition to the basic SEO Hosting services, HostSEO is also offering SEO dedicated servers as well as SEO reseller services for webmasters. Each of our packages comes with the following features:

  • 8-core 12gb Ram Servers
  • cPanel and WHM Control Panel
  • WHM IP Manager Tool
  • Unique C Class IP’s
  • 5 IP’s on each C-Class
  • IP’s span up to 4 A-Class’s
  • Private Name Server Support
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Domains & Cpanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 1-Click Script Installer
  • PHP 5.3 & MySQL 5.1
  • CGI/Perl & Python
  • Advanced Stats / Logs
  • CRON Job Support
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Premium Network
  • Instant Backups
  • No Contract
  • Money Back Gurantee
  • $325+ in Bonus Offers
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Instant & FREE Setup